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May 22, 2011
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Soita for Rainmeter by poiru Soita for Rainmeter by poiru
Soita is the official example skin for the NowPlaying plugin for Rainmeter, which supports a bunch of media players.

Rainmeter 2.3 beta r1448 (or higher) is required to install this skin. Download it from

Usage instructions:
After installing, right-click here and select 'Edit Skin'.
Then, the [mPlayer] section, change the PlayerName= value to your player.
After saving the file, right-click on the skin and select 'Refresh Skin'. Done! :)

Wallpaper in screenshot above is by !FateZoom: [link]
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-06-18
Soita for Rainmeter by =poiru is a milestone achievement. this deviation is not only featuring a great looking and well executed skin, but more importantly it is made to introduce a long overdue plugin to the app of rainmeter, so that you can now use almost any media player in conjunction with rainmeter and then control said player through according skins.

in other words: the skinner doesn't have to decide for only one player support anymore and can now support them all with his rainmeter skin. just how great is that?
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MrDuskBringer 4 days ago  New member
 HELP. I've installed Soita and it works, but for some odd reason the duration of the song, image of the song/album, rating and album name is not working. The area where the image is supposed to be displayed is just a grey, empty box, the album name is displayed as N/A and the duration of the song and how long I've been listening to it is set as 0. Can someone please help me make it work?
axillakos1 Apr 6, 2014  New member
i doing all need and this skin play if i open a music with vlc and dont play complete dont see me icon from song stars dont used and donw from name says N/A N/A!!what need to do for complete this skin??
axillakos1 Apr 6, 2014  New member
plz can help me?? i dont understand how install this skin with vlc!!
SongTu Mar 14, 2014  Student
Hey thanks for this great skin.
But I have problem when using WMP. I can't rate a song for 3, 4, or 5 stars. Whenever I rate for 3, 4, or 5 WMP change the already yellow stars to grey starts. But 1 and 2 stars are possible.
I try another skin but this still happen :(
Can you solve?? Thanks a lot!!
p/s: sorry because of my bad english!
SongTu Mar 16, 2014  Student
Finally I found the solution.
Download an old portable version of Rain (I try ver 2.2). Install it and go to plugin folder, copy Nowplaying.dll and replace the .dll in your c: program file.
See more here:…
Hello, poiru, I have used the Soita coding in my desktop's new version. I've created a complete new interface for it, to suit the design and vibe of my other Rainmeter modules. I would appreciate if you would honor me with a sincere comment on it. Link.
meapo13 Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great job on this! is there anyway i can get the album cover to show for a spotify player? thanks :)
MtheInsomniac Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I use multiple media players, is there really no command to have it accept both itunes & WMP? I tried a comma, & creating a second PLayerName= but no dice haha...
Unfortunately different players have their info available from completely different places so using two playernames just makes the app try and get info from both at once and conflicts badly. You'll have to use two instances of the gadget, but I bet you can make a workaround by adding a line of code that uses the !Hide bang when the player assigned to whichever gadget isn't actively playing so only one is ever visible while music is playing. Use the state measure and make it so when the player is 'stopped' it activates !Hide but when paused or playing is uses !Show
Thanks a load for this skin. Superb!

I've spent a couple of days happily modifying it but one thing is driving me a bit nuts, and I've no idea where the answer might be. Basically I've added a


into the [Cover] meter, so that the displayed artwork becomes an active link. I can get as far as clicking to open my music folder simply by specifying the full path. But I have a LOT of music in that folder. What I'd love to do is simply click on the artwork and have it open my Windows folder on the actual album i.e "current directory" or whatever. Stuff like '[explorer .] just gets me to the Rainmeter dir. and although I've written a measure for PATH as specified in the NowPlaying documentation, that doesn't seem to help.

I imagine this is pretty simple for those that know! Any idea how I do this? It must be such a teeny bit of code. Please?
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